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H80 on off on off on off


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my h80 about a week old is giving me issues


the controller for the fans is not working correctly

it turns on the fans and then the fans crawl repeats over and over

i tried to reset it via the holding it down 5 seconds and the rest

and it seemed like it worked for about 3 seconds then it just went back to doing it straight away


i tried a little stress on my cpu like 41 degrees enough for the fan to kick in

its on the 3rd setting maximum fan speed

well the fans just never kicked in


so i wired them up to my mobo temporarily

i searched this issue via the forums and only found 1 other thread

is this an isolated issue


im wondering if theres a fix all seemed great yesterday


im a little peeved as the build quality on this thing is terrible

can anyone share some insight into how i may sort this thankyou

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took it all off and put it all back together again problem persists

checked fan headers on controllers all fine no bends


checked molex plugged in firmly power is going to the unit


so noisy on mobo headers terrible whining noise

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im going to not rma it for a few days if i can manage the whine

i really dont wanna have to wait weeks for my cooler to return.

without this controller is there any other way i can moderate the fan speeds

i appreciate your response

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