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Hx850 shutting off, and burning plastic smell coming from psu.

Jimmy rustler

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Not to long ago I added the hx850 to my rig. I loved it, no problems, or any odd habits. Although tonight as I was playing a game on my computer it randomly shut right off. Just bam....I unplugged it and I noticed the back outlet was very loose to the point where you could almost wiggle it out of the back of the psu if you put a little effort into it. I left it for awhile and plopped it back in the back and powered it on, as I did that it made a popping noise and smelt similar to burning/hot rubber or plastic. I immediately shut it off and unplugged it from the wall. Could this be a voltage spike though my wall? Or just a bad connection in the back? And should I return it? Any help is greatly appreciated thank you for reading. Oh and the whole system did turn on the second time I attempted to turn it on...along with the popping noise.
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