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HX1000w problems


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The problems started like 1 week ago, my system started to get freeze / auto shutting down, so I went to the power values in the BIOS, and the 3.3v one went like crazy the values were changing fast, between 2.6v and 2.8v in less than 20 secs. Today the computer just fail to power up and when it does and I run the BIOS to check again the values, I got around 2.2v and then the computer just freeze again in the BIOS, so I took the HX1000w out of my case and perform the green/black test and the fan started to work, so I keep my tests in another system I got then it just fail to load up the PC, I tried the generic PSU I got in the other system and my PC just started without any problem, so I guess the 3.3v is just failing in my HX1000w, so my question is how do I get the RMA for this?


Thanks for your comments and I hope you can help me with this

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