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H80 issue


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Purchased H80 Dec. 2011 for my new X79 build. Worked great until tonight. My copmputer would not turn on this eve, and to my surprise, I found the H80 leaked onto my Mobo, into the processor, and pooled into and on 2 x Evga graphics cards. I have no idea what the mixture of distilled water and poly something oil has done to the parts. I could care less about the H80- my computer may be toast- I sent tech an email- I guess I can put this thread to life so to say- I took pics and then tried my best to get some of the oily stuff off the parts- my disappointment is amazing- I even had it dripping off the corner of my processor after I removed it.
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Sorry to hear that. But you are on the right track though. You took pics of the damage.


The residue can(which is glycol) be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and then let to dry real good for a couple of days. In most cases GPU's and such will be fine. Thats not to say there are not damaged components. Just that there is a chance that things will work out okay. Best to test what you can as soon as you can to confirm any problems.


You will need to call the CS line and discuss this with them though. This is something that can not be taken care of via the forums.

If you need the number it is on the main website page under contacts and if you are overseas you can instal SKYPE and use that to make the call to the toll free number for nothing.

I'm sure Corsair will take care of you one way or the other.

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