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can't find memory for iMac


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been searching the web and found nothing and used the configurator but the results are missing:




i've got an Apple iMac 2.8GHz Core2Duo 24" Aluminum (Z0FC)


can anyone help with compatible memory?


i'm wondering about VS2GSDS800D2 but i can't tell if it's non-ecc


requirements are:


ddr2, pc2-6400, unbuffered, 200-pin, 800mhz


also: "DIMMs with any of the following features are not supported:


Registers or buffers


Error-correcting code (ECC)


Extended data out (EDO) RAM"


thanks in advance

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thanks, the fact that's it's non-ecc means it would seem to fit the bill so I'll give it a try


as mentioned, i tried the memory configuration tool but it gave no results. it wasn't obvious that this meant there was no compatible RAM or if the tool was not working as expected



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  • Corsair Employees
If there is no memory listed on our Memory Configuration tool then we do not have memory that has been qualified for your system. And while these may work there is no way we can verify compatibility. We do offer Apple qualified memory but if your system is not listed then I am sorry it will be hit and miss. If you do decide to try these please check with the reseller on their return policy if they don't work. As we would only be able to replace then if there is an issue.
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