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new tweaks bring super temps


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i just finished a few tweaks to my system that really brought my load temps down on my h80

reposition my airflow and a redneck mod that i dont wanna disclose:D:

but my full load temps after 15 minutes went from mid 60's to a frigid 50c

im really stoked,well worth the $10 mod


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Jeff Foxworthy's Video on Case modding coming to your Store soon! :bigeyes:


hey Jeff's got nothing on me when it comes to this mod,i can say my son looked and just rolled his eyes :confused:

and john,i just got the cables in,much sppreciated

once i get my link in i can do mod v2 ,lol


All I can picture now is the modding of a rig by the usage of a 12 bore shotgun or low explosives LOL.


well i did entertain the idea of building an open air computer:D:

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Can't wait to see some Pic's!:cool:


ive posted a load pic already....oh,you mean pics of my mod?

john im a very sensitive guy,i cant handle the funnies:D:

but it works fairly well,of course i can remove it this winter

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