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H60 Pump will not make contact with the CPU


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Help, I have installed H50's and H60's on several Gigabyte LGA 775 boards with no problems. I got cute and wanted to replace a Zalman cooler on an old ASUS P5B Deluxe MB with a E5800 processor. The system ran Prime 95 and never got above 40C with the Zalman cooler but I wanted quiet. For some reason the H60 pump will not make contact with the cpu. The mounting stuff is installed like I always do and the H60 pump screws are tight on the mounting screws/bracket. But there is space between the pump and the CPU - the thermal paste is not making contact with the cpu. Needless to say my nice cool running system is not happy!! Can someone please give me a hint on what in the #$%^ is going on. It's like the mounting posts are too long by a fraction of an inch.
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