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Force Series and Intel SATA drivers

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Just an update concerning the Intel SATA drivers...


My hardware:

Toshiba R705-P35 (PT314U-017018)

Windows 7 (64-bit)

Force Series F240 (firmware 2.4)

Intel 5 Series 4-port SATA AHCI Controller (version

Latest BIOS (version 2.20 from Toshiba)


I upgraded the Intel 5 Series 4-port SATA AHCI Controller to version 11.* (I didn't record the exact version before I restored previous driver).

I found that my laptop would blue screen when waking from a sleep (memory suspend). This didn't happen at version I continue to have the problem where the laptop can not find the drive when bold booting. It sometimes happens resuming from a hibernate (disk suspend). A cntrl-alt-del will often fix the problem. Sometimes it takes several before the disk is found.


A newer version of the SATA controller is available, version I'm confused because the data 6/4/2011 is later than the version which has a date of 11/6/2010.


What I think is that all this driver stuff is just screwed up.


-Michael Cerda

Austin, Texas

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