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Vengance 1500 just stopped working


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Hello. Ive had my Vengance 1500 for about 4 months now and ive never had any issues with it untill 2 days back. While i was talking with a friend on Skype the headset suddenly stopped working.

I couldnt hear any of the sound from my computer and my mic went mute.

All i could hear was my self from the mic loop back and some crackling sound. When i tried to mute the mic on the headset with the button on it the LED didnt even turn red as they use to do and nothing really happend. Ive tried to re plugg the headset, re booting my computer and re installing the Corsair software without any success. At first i thought it was just the headset that had broken in some way. But when i tried it on my laptop it worked just fine :S

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