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K60 repeat key problem in vBulletin forum posts


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Anyone notice a higher percentage of problems typing in websites that use vBulletin internet forum software?


By far the majority of my repeat key errors occur there.


Various letters, the space key, the backspace key, delete key, etc tend to stick while in such forums when I'm composing a post.


I have much fewer instances of the issue occuring in email or while gaming.


The longer the post becomes, the more likely it is that the issues will occur - and even repeated issues with different keys as I continue.


Today I posted one relatively long post and had 4 errors at different times with different keys.


Anyone else?

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We use VBulletin for our forum and I am on it everyday both at work and at home. And I use both K60 and K90 I will try to use our K60 more and see if I can replicate this but I have not noticed any issues so far.
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Didn't get a chance this weekend to switch it over to the laptop.


I don't write very long posts here, and the vBulletin site I do use the most feels a fair bit different than this one. I have my issues mostly there.


Again, it may not be the keyboard at all. I'm somewhat busy during the week but hopefully after next weekend I'll have more to report.

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