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Compatibility problems with 875P and 4 sticks of RAM


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Hello, I'm having a heck of a time getting my new RAM to function properly in my computer. Currently I have: P4 3.0c MSI 875p Neo Motherboard (with the latest BIOS....v2.1) Corsair twinx512-3200llpt memory I decided I wanted to get another 512MB of ram and bought some Corsair twinx512-3200 (not LL) memory. When I put all 4 sticks in the motherboard the BIOS scales the RAM speed back to 266mhz. If I am only running 2 sticks (either the LL or the non LL) the BIOS will run it at 400mhz. I have tried the slowest RAM timings possible as well as putting the RAM voltage at 2.7v. The only problem I can think of is that the LL ram and the non LL ram can't function together at 400mhz which is why it keeps getting taken down to 266mhz. Do I need to return the non LL memory for some LL memory so all 4 sticks would be identical? Thanks for any help :): Mac
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