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Corsair H60 Radiator Fan

Buzz Lightyear

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I recently purchased a H60 to cool my gaming PC.


Upon installation (with terrible directions) and firing up the computer it would not post. The computer PSU continually restarts over and over again.


The fan and pump are turning but for some reson the MOBO/Bios seem to not see the fan connected to the ASUS P7P55D Pro CPU_header.


Eventually giving up and Reinstalling the stock Intel cooler...CPU boots/runs as normal.


I contacted support for help and was simply given a RMA. Which would be fine if they did NOT require me to pay the $ 27.94 initial return shipping for the broken prduct.


Any other ideas would be appreciated....


I cannot acsess Bios settings with the H60 installed to see what is causing the issues. I am unwilling to bypass the cpu fan/temp monitors.


Scouring the interwebs indicates no one had to do anything with the H60 but plug the radiator fan into the Cpu_fan header and pump into a constant Fan header, both which I have done.


Am I stuck with a $ 49.99 paper weight ? :mad:

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  • Corsair Employees

I would try the reseller as they will likely replace it right away if you just purchased it with in 30 days.

But if they will not or cannot help you then I am sorry but you will need to call our customer service by phone once you have the RMA number before you send the item to us. Other wise the on line RMA will just follow the normal RMA where you pay the shipping to us and we pay to return it. Pre-paid shipping cannot be arranged in the on line RMA system, sorry. This needs to be done over the phone. And you may be asked to provide POP (Proof of Purchase).


However, since you have the system running with another FAN I would connect the pump to power and connect the fan lead to another Fan header and go to BIOS and Se what it shows for Pump RPM. Please let me know an be sure to check the Power connection to the PSU that it is securely connected.

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