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Multiple Issues with K90


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Hey hoping to get some help here,


I'm experiencing the following issues:

1) My firmware update keeps failing even after moving around to multiple usb ports, have restarted my computer multiple times, ended all corsair processes, and have uninstalled / reinstalled the software multiple times.

-Erasing flash memory failed!

That is the warning I keep getting you.


2) After pressing the G keys that are macroed there is about a .5 second delay before it is pressed sometimes. I have no delays set up and have double checked this.


3) When inside a specific game, Star Wars the Old Republic, my G keys do not respond at all.


Now I have a feeling #s 2&3 are due to #1 but I may be wrong. I'm having issues finding what firmware is installed in the first place (the error may be from the fact that I already have the most up to date version)


Thank you for your time!

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I would do what Toasted suggested and try updating the firmware on a different machine. Also try re-downloading the software and ensure you're not in a 3.0 port, not in a hub, and have uninstalled all other keyboard/mice software you have.
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I appreciate the help!


None of that fixed it earlier today, however after 6 hours of being shut down I turned my computer back on and it installed completely fine.


There is no delay either with the G keys.


I'm still having the same issue with Star Wars, however I haven't even begun to really try solving it (first thing I'll do is try hardware mode)


Thank you again.

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