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32 gb Flash Voyager USB 3.0 won't connect


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Last night, I connected my 32gb Flash Voyager to my friend's iMac and it gave me an error, saying the drive needed to be formatted. I was confused, so I opened disk utility. It said the drive was unformatted (even though I know I have data on it), so I just decided to try my drive back at my house. I hopped on my 2011 MacBook Pro, and plugged in the drive. The external light blinked once, then went out. I gently moved the plug around to make better contact, cleaned off the contacts and tried again. If I hold the drive up at an angle, the computer recognizes it, but still insists the drive is unformatted. I have data on there that I need for school and family. Is there anything I can do. Is the plug damaged? is the memory shot? is there any way I can recover my data? software? hardware? thanks in advance.
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