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Noisy AX850


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I've started putting together a new system and it is almost complete, just waiting for the new GPU (currently using the GTX 260 from my old rig) and water cooling parts. For this new build I decided to go with the Corsair AX850 for my power supply. In my previous rig that i built in January 2007 I went with a Corsair HX520 which has run flawless to this very day, and I leave my PC on 24/7. This is why I chose to stick with Corsair for this new build.


However, I haven't been pleased with the AX850 I received. During gaming it starts to make a ringy buzzing noise- it sounds a lot like the hum of crickets. I can still hear it standing a good 10 feet away from my tower. Now this isn't too big of a deal while gaming since when wearing headphones you tend to not hear it, but it also does it while just browsing the web in Firefox! Every time I scroll on a page it will buzz until I stop scrolling. This is totally unacceptable to me while just trying to quietly sit and browse. It's the loudest thing in my system right now, and quite annoying.


My system specs are in my Profile.


I've read the sticky on the forum, and tried the possible fixes as well as other possible solutions I saw while doing research on this issue. The following are the things I have tried over a couple days:


-C1E, EIST, C3, C6, Package C State

-CPU Spread Spectrum On/Off/Auto

-Updated to latest BIOS

-Combinations of different cables and connections on the PSU

-Vsync Forced ON in nVidia Drivers

-Different power outlets in my home

-Skipping surge protector

-Different video drivers as well as no drivers

-Different AC power cord

-Different PCIe slot on motherboard

-Different PC: Intel E6600, Asus P5W-DH, EVGA 7300 GS


The only one of these that even made a slight difference, maybe 25% quieter, was running it on my old rig which is drawing significantly less power especially with an EVGA 7300 GS which doesn't even require a power connection.


The only other thing I could possibly try at this point is plugging it into a UPS I plan on getting, but do not have yet. I have little hope for this making any difference though considering everything I have tried so far.


So now my question is, should I just RMA it? I'm going to be very disappointed if I do though and receive another one with the same problem, or worse. I'd also like to continue using this current one until I receive a replacement unit. Is this possible?

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  • Corsair Employees
Please use the link on the left and request an RMA then let me know the Case number. I will make the internal arrangements so your PSU can be sent directly to my attention. We have had a few people report this issue and we are looking into the possible causes now.
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  • Corsair Employees
I have sent our customer service a message I would expect them to contact you with in 24 hours, I also request an advanced RMA for you so they may ask for a credit card to do that. But if you have a spare PSU you can just sent it in.
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I received my replacement unit and it is working well. Thank you.


When I bought this PSU through Newegg there was a rebate promotion: http://images10.newegg.com/uploadfilesfornewegg/rebate/SH/Corsair20MIRsJul1Jul3112cx61.pdf


Can I still receive my rebate, and if so do I use the UPC off the original packaging, or my replacement unit's packaging?


Also, I am quite poor right now from buying this new PC, a $20 return shipping cost is a bit of a pain for me. Is there any way Corsair could issue a call tag for the PSU and pay to have it shipped back to you?

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Either UPC would be fine as they should be identical. Just keep in mind what it says on the rebate form:

Submission must be postmarked within 21 days of purchase and no later than August 21, 2012 in order to qualify.


Call Customer service about your shipping request.

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