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Looking for a HX620 6pin PCI-E cable


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I'm from the UK and I've been trying to look for this specific cable




But on the website it's only for the USA and I've tried all of the sites they suggested but I haven't found anything (unless I've missed it :/)


My PC is a 2nd hand one bought from someone my sister once new, so i did not get any other cables with the PSU as my old graphic card only needed one supply.


Does anyone know where to get on in the UK? I've tried the BitFenix one but it doesn't fit.


I've never once opened my PC to change anything so changing my graphic card is all new to me etc.


And I pretty much don't know what i'm doing xD so hopefully this is the right wire

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Hmm,that is a good question. You could always call corsairs customer service and ask them if there is a difference or if one i8s available.


If not you can always use an adapter to convert an unused molex to PCI or split the single PCI with an adapter like these.





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