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TX750 PSU buzzing


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Disregard, I fixed it. Was a case fan rubbing against the PSU. Yay, no need to RMA.




My TX750 psu started buzzing recently and seems to get louder when my computer draws more power. I notice that when I put pressure and push the cable into the unit, the buzzing stops. I'm wondering what this could be.


Assuming I will have to RMA my PSU, I have a few questions. Since I bought my PSU 2 months ago, the retailer will ship the unit out for me for free.


Should I request an RMA and then give it to my retailer or should I give it to them and let them request the RMA?


Do I have to include all the cables and manuals along with the retail box when I send in my PSU?


If my retailer ships my unit out for me, does it deny my ability to request an advance replacement?



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  • Corsair Employees

Thanks for letting us know and sorry that you had a problem and Just FYI.

Yes you do have to send the cables when you RMA your PSU. and we don't care how you ship the return to us only that it is not damaged in shipping.

But I would suggest anyone doing an Advanced RMA speak to our customer service by Phone and this will stop a lot of issues and questions before they become a problem.

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