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Creating a Y connector for multi-wire pins


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Hi, sorry if this was discussed before but I couldn't find it with search.


I'm custom-making a set of wires with sleeves for my AX850, and of course one of the problems is sleeving pins with multiple wires. For these pins, would it be okay/safe to create a Y connection in the middle of the cable (solder together the two wires from the PSU into one wire), so a single wire is put into the connector?


For an example, I am following the guide here at step 16 onwards: http://www.overclock.net/t/1175308/sleeving-the-beginners-guide


I just want to make sure i'm not exceeding the maximum load on the single wire by connecting the two wires from the PSU in this fashion.


Note: I'm looking in particular at the 24-pin connector for AX850. I see it uses 22 awg and 18 awg wire for these multi-wire pins. I plan on using 18awg across the board (for both wires coming out of PSU, and for the wire going into 24-pin). Is this okay as well?


Thanks for your time!

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still voids the warranty if you use any harness other than the original right out of the PSU, and extension after that is ok i believe.


not trying to talk you out of it, just giving you a heads up on the consequences if the PSU fails. ;)

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