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GS600 fan exhausts air INTO the case?


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Hi, new member to forums here.


So, my new GS600 PSU is set up at the bottom of the case with the fan facing up and the rear grill facing out the rear grill of the case (of course).


I have read around the web, and it seems that PSUs fans generally bring air from inside the case and push it out the back grill of the PSU and consequentially, out the back of the case.


Well, my PSU is pulling air IN from the outside of the BACK of the case, and the fan is blowing air INTO my case.


I was just wanting to know if that is supposed to happen or if I recieved a psu that has a fan that was assembled backwards facing. :confused:



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As you said, if air was flowing in through the vents on the back of the PS, it would seem that the fan was running backwards.


But are you sure that the PS fan was running? Many new PSs, including the GS600, do not run the fan constantly, it only runs when the PS get fairly warm. Given the way you have the PS mounted, it's possible that your case fans are pulling air through the PS, which makes it look like the fan is running backwards.


BTW, in PC cases that have bottom mounted PS's, the PS is usually mounted so the fan is facing down. There should be vents on the bottom of the case for the PS. Mounting it with the fan down lets the PS fan cool just the PS, and not use warm air from inside the case to cool the PS. Doing that also maintains a clear air flow, from bottom to top.


You should check if your PS fan is running before deciding that the fan is mounted wrong, which is possible but probably not the situation.

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I am 100 percent positive that fan is running INTO the case.

I put my hand over the fan inside the case and i cvan physically feel the air coming OUT of it.

And i dont feel air coming out the back, i can kind of feel it getting sucked in.

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