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K90 Feature Request


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Hi. I just thought I'd put a request for a feature here in the forums to see what others think about it. I recently moved from a G15 to a K90. I love the mechanical keys and can't see myself going back but one thing that I do miss is the ability to program a G key for a constant sustained keypress. The reason I miss this is that I used to bind one G key for use as a com button in teamspeak. It was easier to assign a lesser-used key from the right side of the board as my push to talk button then bind it to a G key so I could run, aim and speak all at the same time. If this functionality could be added to a future version of the software I feel it'd be a great addition. Just my 2 cents, thanks for reading.



Silent Bob

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Hi Silent Bob


This feature is in the current software.

When in the G key options you will see 4 boxes with a finger pressing a button.

Make sure your G key for voice is set to the far right hand button, then when you press and hold it will press and hold.


I have mine setup the same way you are looking to do yours.




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