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¿H80 works in my Asus P5Q PRO?


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Hello, I write from Spain, sorry for my English.


I will buy the kit Corsair H80 is compatible with socket 775.


The problem is not whether the Corsair H80 is compatible with my motherboard.


I've been looking for, but have not found anything about the compatibility between the Corsair H80 and my Asus P5Q PRO.


Should not support what I recommend liquid cooling your brand?




Thank you for your support.

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The H80 does support LGA 775.


If the H80 block does not fit properly on the CPU due to the capacitors, Rotate it 90 degrees and it should fit.


Thank you very much for your answer, but do not quite understand what you mean to rotate the block on the cpu ...


You mean I should rotate the sink or anchoring kit that comes with the H80?.


I have not asked for the H80, so if you know of any kit I guarantee that I will not have problems with the trainers I'm still in time to ask any other kit of Corsair.


Thank you.

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