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Use with an H100


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I just got back my RMA'ed Corsair Link and like the previous one the software fails to display the pump speed as well as the radiator fan speeds. I haven't hooked up any case fans yet. My original CL worked fine until one day when it crapped out.


Let me make sure I am hooking things correctly just to get my H-100 info. I have the main unit plugged into a USB connector on my Mobo. I then run a cable from position 1 on the main unit up to the CL port on my H-100 which is located on the top. I'm only getting HDD, CPU, and my GPU on the CL software display.


One more thing. The CL port on the H-100 is in a position that I really can't see inside the port to connect the cable. I have to plug it in blindly. Can someone show me the proper way to connect it maybe through a diagram? Is the tab facing me or are the pins facing me when I plug it in?

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The tab should be facing you when you hook up the cable. It only goes in one way.




you can hook either way,of course the wrong way only appears to work right

much of my connections are in blind tight areas so i found this out the hard way:(:

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