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Is Dominator Platinum 2400MHz CMD16GX3M4A2400C9 compatible X58 Chipset motherboard?

As i have a Intel DX58SO2 with the 980x CPU

Will it make a big differance betwen CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 and

CMD16GX3M4A2400C9. As 2000MHz run only at 1866MHz if i dont oc CPU

So 1866MHz vs 2400MHz went CPU is stock sould make a big diference?


Thank you for your support

Sincerly yours

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You'd need to OC your CPU to run the memory that fast. Also, you should only use 3/6 sticks in a triple channel system.


If you can't OC your CPU to enable the memory controller to run memory at 2000 MHz, 2400 MHz memory would be a waste of money.

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