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M60 not recognized by windows


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I received my brand new Corsair M60 in the mail today and I am trying to get it to work.

Windows hasn't automatically installed drivers and when I try to install the corsair software it asks me to plug in my mouse before it can continue installing.

The firmware update tool tells me this: "Cannot open USB device, please reinstall driver!"


Basically the only sign of life it gives me is that the LED's light up.


What I have done to try to fix this:

Plug it in every USB port I have available, this includes the USB port on my K90, two USB3.0 ports on my motherboard, six USB2.0 ports on my motherboard and two usb ports on my monitor. This didn't help.

Unplug my K90 keyboard and tried to reinstall. This didn't help either.

Disable USB selective suspend setting. This was also to no avail.

And finally try it on a laptop I also own. This also didn't work.


Do I need to RMA this mouse or is there something I did wrong?


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Daniel, it looks like you got a defective mouse out of the box. I recommend exchanging it from the retailer so they can provide you with a new one (and can do so faster). If they can't assist you, request a RMA to the left and let me know your case number. We'll take care of it for you.
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I have one last question about setting a macro though, is it possible to give the zoom key the same functionality as the back button. Basically turn button 8 in to button 7?


I use the back key a lot and i find it a bit uncomfortable to use button 7 because it is a bit too far back for my liking.


Other than that I absolutely love this mouse!


EDIT: I found the function I was looking for, I overlooked it in the software :biggrin:

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