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I'm just curious to know what options Corsair is willing to offer in regards to a refund.


Five months post-purchase, the hardware looks as though it's been abused and the software updates have solved precious few of the problems found in the initial release. I'm still waiting for my M60 to provide basic funcionality found in most gaming mice and my K60 is now suffering from the all-too familiar fading keycaps.


As a long-time supporter of Corsair I'm disappointed in the quality of this hardware, the misinformation on launch and the noticeable absence of Corsair's excellent customer service. Quite frankly, I just want my money back.



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i also wonder if corsair will offer any refunds


i have a K90 that doesn't work in the bios with my current mobo which is a P8Z68


i plan on getting a maximus v formula next week and if my K90 doesn't work with that either than i will demand a refund from corsair or the retailer even though its been longer than 30 days


luckily i live in the UK/EU which has very strong laws and regulations to help customers like me in situations like this :roll:

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