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CMZ16GX3M4X1600C9G 2T or 1T + overclockability


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Actually command rate is a MB setting more than a ram setting.


You can certainly try 1t. However,Corsair suggests a CR of 2t . So if you experience any instability you may want to change that first.

Also, how high can these overclock? Has anyone pushed them to 2133?

Corsair can guarantee nothing but the rated speeds. Basically other than trying there is no way to tell.


I'm sure there have been people to push them that far, but the actual amount you'll be able to achieve will depend on your other hardware along with the memory. Even with the same hardware your results may be better or worse depending on how well your CPU/MB and RAM deal with the overclock.


Some CPU's just wont do it, and you'll always have MB's that overclock better than others too.


Give it a shot. You got nothing to loose and 2133mhz to gain! :)

Good Luck!

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I changed to 1T and my WEI went up from 7.8 to 7.9!


Memtest didn't have any issues.


I may go higher later.


Thank you for your response peanutz! :biggrin:


Strangely enough, my WEI went back down to 7.8... :confused: :eek:

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My memory could get to 2133 but on very loose timings(cl11-2t) and high voltage (1.65v), after a bump in CPU-NB clock and voltage...


Now I settle with 1600 cl9 - 1t, not because of the memory couldn't do it... memtest are fine with 2133, but my deneb couldn't handle that speed :(:


and i feel there's no real diferrence with 1600 cl9-1t and 1866 cl10-2t.... but I can felt the 1600 1t is faster than 1600 2t at photoshops editing .psb files and premiere pro editing/joining HD clips.

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WEI is as useful as a screen door on a submarine, its just a BS benchmark.



The boat sunk.... :p:


Use sisoft sandra or photoshop to benchmark your mem...

Bare in mind that result will always be influenced by what program, service, and processes that your computer runs on the background.

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