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Which Force 3 SSD had issues

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Hey Guys


I recently just bought 2 SSD (120GB Force 3) drives from my supplier, but i have a feeling they are selling me old stock, without updates from the factory, and i would like to clarify this, as im giving the parts to customers, and dont want them running around to get me to fix and do firmware updates etc


This thread explains it, but still confused with 2 issues.


so here it goes


1. Which Force 3 serial numbers are the updated ones from factory (My one is CSSD-F120GB3-BK, i see on the Product site the SKU is CSSD-F120GB3A-BK). My Part Number is 48-000226 Rev AB, and have 2 barcode numbers, 122305267 and 413112605267. so it doesnt start with 1122 (or lower) but SKU is different...


2. Are there such units that are upgraded from the factory, instead of relying on the consumer to do the firmware updates?


There is a photo attached with all serials, please advise


Thank you very much for your time





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