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SSD 120GB Force 3 - XP Issues - On Third Drive Now

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Hi all


i would really like to get his drive working without any problems but im now on my third replacement and sending it away for my forth


im running a Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard with Sata 3 on board and XP OS


I purchased my first one from Ebuyer with firmware V1.3.2


i formated and installed XP with no problems then after a week or so the pc would reboot and return back to the desktop and i kept thinking im sure i left some windows open. Anyway then i started with BSOD everyday.


so i sent that back for replacement in the mean time i went back to my standard HDD and all i did was took an image from the SSD and restored it while the SSD was getting replaced. The pc run fine until the replacement turned up.


so on the second drive firmware v1.3.3 i formatted and rebuild the drive just to make sure and this time it was fine for a about 2 weeks then it started BSOD and hanging when opening programs or just moving the mouse would cause it to hang.


anyway looking into it further i saw this forum to find that the new models would be shipped with firmware v5.01 and searching about it seems that the drive was stable.



so my third arrived V5.01 i was so looking forward to get it installed, anyway long story short it got formatted XP installed then it hung........




i have just about had enough with this SSD, now i have read about TRIM and this is only on Windows 7.


Can someone please confirm that this drive will work on XP?,

is it a bios problem?

is it a driver problem?


my standard HDD runs great and always has done so the fault is with the SSD drive or a conflict..


im running 3 x HDD for storage and 1 x SSD for booting. No Raid.


please please someone help me.

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  • Corsair Employees

Yes it is and will work great with XP but as noted you would need to align the partition for it to perform properly.


Do you have another HDD that you can use to Boot Windows XP and add the SSD as a second Drive?

Assuming the answer is yes then you will want to use Parted Magic and secure erase the SSD and add it as a second drive Booting XP with another HDD. The go to Disk Manager and QUICK Format the SSD with an 4096 Allocation.

You can run ATTO on the new drive letter to be sure it is performing properly.

Once that is complete then go to Disk Manager and delete the partition on the drive do not do any other tasks to this drive just delete the partition.


The simply do a fresh install of XP and only let it QUICK FORMAT do not change any of the default options in the setup or install.

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