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TX750W Hot Power!


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Hey Guy´s, nice to meet you :/


I have a realy big Problem, my englisch is not so good :D

and my Corsair Power Supply need a fan-power of 100% :O


It is realy hot and loud, not only in games. I mean, it will be loud when i start my PC! No Watter-cooling, no hot CPU or GPU nothing! But my Power supply will be loud and hot! Sometimes it will be smelling, like hot-Air :/


Is it a reason for RMA? I mean I idiot send a RMA, but only to say my Fan-Power is on 100%^^


My System:


2x 8800GTX

1x Phenom 2




Thank you for your fast answer!

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Since there is not really a good way to check PSU temps, it's hard to tell if there is something wrong or not. In any case the fan shouldn't be on 100% at idle. So something is wrong there.


Regardless, you always have the option to RMA the PSU.


Just use the link on the left to request your RMA.

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Where do you have the PSU mounted? In some cases when PSU is top mount, then tend to suck in a lot of warm air coming from different components, causing the PSU heat up and making the fan run at 100%... but seeing the fan is running at 100% all the time is not normal.
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