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Need new pci-e cable, broke mine :(

Mayor Winters

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Hello Corsair!


A couple days ago I wrote you via the Customer Support method but I got no answer, so i'll try to contact you through here :>


The thing is I had an incident with one of the psu cables of my psu, the Corsair AX750. I was doing sleeving to the pci-e cable and, as it was the first time I was doing it, I didnt measure my strengh well and I broke one wire, leaving the pin connector inside the 6-pin addapter and broke it.


The rest of the sleeving went perfect.


So, it was totally my fault and what I wonder is if you sell spare cables via post mail or something like that. I just need the pci-e connectors which come with the AX series psus, in my psu I had 2, now one is useless due to the incident.


Thank you.

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