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Vengeance 2000 Mic Boost


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Just unboxed my V2000's yesterday and I'm having an issue. The microphone is just too quiet...


I've got it as close as I can to my mouth w/o eating it and everyone in Ventrilo says i'm too quiet... Someone even has me boosted on their end to 250% so he can hear me, even then he says I'm still quiet...


With any other mic i've had I've been able to go to the mic settings and turn on mic boost... Well that setting doesn't appear to be available for the V2000. Is there anyway to make it available?


I've got the latest drivers installed, on Win7 x64 Ultimate. See attached screenshot of my driver properties and the microphone settings in terms of levels.


Has anyone run into this before and know of any way to boost the V2000's mic?


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Mic volume settings in windows is @ 100%..


In vent, disabling Direct Sound and setting output to +10 (max) and all the guys still say I'm just a little quiet and there is some minor distortion... It's significally better, but I'm still quiet.


You have to keep in mind that in gaming headphones you need to be able to have the mic overcome the in game sounds that can be overpowering sometimes... As it is now, I'm maxed out and have to basically yell to have my teammates hear me over in game sounds...


Not something I can do most of the time as my 2 year old son sleeps 15 feet from me on the other side of the wall... I yell, he wakes up...


My old headphone had the exact same issue, and was reloved with mic boost.. So I doubt it's an issue with the hardware... Just a driver issue that doesn't give the gain required.

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Can you enable the mic loopback in Windows and see if you can hear yourself when you speak into the mic? Also, record your voice on the the computer with the sound recorder and see if it picks up your volume correctly. Finally, what codec does your vent server use, and can you manually change it to something else in your preferences to see if it improves your output?
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Can you enable the mic loopback in Windows and see if you can hear yourself when you speak into the mic?


Microphone loopback is not an option within the V2000's drivers, nor is mic boost.


Apart from setting the volume to 100% and placing the microphone approximately 1-1.5 inches away from your face and positioned underneath your bottom lip, there's not much you can do here except to boost the microphone output volume in Ventrilo. That said, I'm surprised it's an issue for you; no one had issues with hearing me in several Skype calls and TF2 sessions.


Also yes, the V2000 has a much quieter pickup than the V1500 did, though the actual microphone quality is better in my opinion at the very least. Sounds aren't as sharp and there isn't as much of a noise floor. Both waveforms that you see here were captured in Audacity with the recording level set to 100%.


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