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My Force 3 120 died on Monday. It was fine when I was browsing before bed, and when I woke up to turn on my computer, it was dead.


The bios boot screen just stuck where it would normally have been loading. I tried to put the drive in an external enclosure and connect via USB, but get nothing.


This drive was my main drive on my laptop, so I have lost everything. To make matters worse, I am in the middle of a PCS move with the military, so everything that I would have used to get my computer back to working status is in a box somewhere in a ship on the pacific ocean.


Thankfully, amazon had a deal on a competitors SSD drives on Monday, so I had one overnighted to me and I'm back up and running- only without any of my normally installed software.


I'm thinking the drive controller must have failed somehow... I'll RMA it but I would really enjoy having my data back. That's life though, and probably not going to happen.


Currently on a Dell Studio XPS 1645, though my desktop specs are a little more impressive :)

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