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SSD issue

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Hi guys,


I've just bought my new Corsair force 3 120Gb SDD like 3 weeks ago, at first it was smooth. However in to the second week of using, i'm starting to experience BSOD, and constant freeze and lag. At one point, my window doesn't want to boot at all.


However, after reformatting again. The window able to boot itself again. However, it doesn't last long before the process repeat itself and thus I've reformatted it once again. (firmware 5.02, Achi)


Currently, this is my third time reformatting it and i can still see some instability in it. Can anybody suggest how to solve this dilemma ? Am I entitled for a WMA?


I'm kind of regret did not do enough research before buying a SDD, since Sandforce is such a badboy in producing BSOD.:(:

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