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GS 700w + 2 Crads


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I have had the GS700w and 1 GTX560ti for a year or so now and all has been well.


I have just been given a 2nd GTX560ti for free from a friend :D


I checked with psu calc to see if my psu will run 2 cards and searched the web and it seems to say my psu will do the job, it is even on the specs that it can run 2 cards.


So my question is how ? Looking at my PSU it only has 2 6 pin PCIE connectors ?


Do i just have 1 in each card now instead of 2 in 1 card ?


Or do i use 1 in each card and convert some 4 pin connectors to 6 pin so there is 2 in each card ?


Please help i dont wanna blow anything up :D

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