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H100 underperforming against Stock Intel Cooler


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My stock Intel cooler provided similar cooling at lower noise levels, I think I have done something wrong during installation of this thing and would like some help and advice :)

As it is now I might as well put the stock cooler back in and enjoy lower noise levels, something needs to be done :P




CPU after H100 waterblock removal:



Cleaned using isopropanol:



Applied Arctic Silver 5:



My airflow pattern:

Intake: H100 radiator (top mounted) with supplied Corsair fans (Push/push), bottom, bottom front, case fan

Exhaust: GPU + a fan at the back

(For illustrational purposes; this is not my computer)



Old Results: 83°C @ 1.312v - 4Ghz - Intel stock cooler (Idle temperature not measured)

New Results: 76°C :confused: @ 1.256v (4Ghz) H100 fans at middle speed setting

The pump is moving at 2000+ rpm.


My CPU is stable at 4ghz @ 1.25volts, Im sure it can go 4,4-4,5 if only I could keep it below 70 degrees.. But it crashes at ~80 degrees. Better cooling is needed, so I need to fix the H100 or wait for H200 and replace :P

Any advice? :)


BTW! Im using the backplate that came with my motherboard, it appears to be glued to the board so I didnt replace it with the supplied metal backplate from Corsair.

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My H100 is performing very well now!


Steps taken:


1. Demount motherboard default plastic backplate.


2. Mount Corsair metal backplate.


3. Reseat waterblock and turn it 90 degrees, cleaned and AS5 reapplied (tiny rice grain, from trial and error I found this amount to make a nice oval shape of paste covering the middle portion of CPU)


My new load temp is 73C degrees max. 4009Mhz @ 1.312 V, 111W max heat output according to CPUID HWmon.

Northbridge temp is maxing at 44C.


This is an improvement over the stock cooler by 10C! When the AS5 burns in it may drop further by a few degrees as well.



Now to replace the stock Corsair fans with GT 1850rpm`s :)


New Results!


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