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H80 Panel not working, very loud pump overall


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Hi guys,


after getting my issue solved where my H80´s pump was not working at all I got my new PC up and working for 2 days now.


However while the temperatures are now stable I noticed that the pump is doing some grinding noises (not sure if its the normal working sounds or the broken unit as described on the forums) and the system is overall pretty loud.


So I was playing around with the settings on the pump, however they dont seem to change anything. No matter which setting I choose the CPU RPM is always around 2k. I disabled the Q-Fan in the bios so it doesnt interfere with the pump.


I tried to reset the firmware as well as described multiple times in the forum, however the 3 different settings don´t seem to differ at all even after the reset.


The only thing I changed was to replace the stock fans with a pair of Noctua NF-P12, however the noise definitely comes from the pump. If I shut down my PC the noise is over as soon as the pumps LEDs go off, while the fans still spin for a couple seconds without doing any noise at all.


Question is what to do now? I was actually hoping that the H80 would be a lot quieter than my previous CPU fans, however for whatever reason it is a lot louder despite even using a dampened case. :confused::[pouts:

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The control button on the pump does not regulate the pump speed. It stays at a constant 2000 or so. The control button does regulate the fan speeds for three different profiles based on the coolant temperature (not the CPU temperature). But that is for the stock Corsair fans only. Some after-market fans also work but yours might not. In that case they will run full speed all of the time. The good news? There's no point connecting them to the pump. Get a Y cable and plug them into your CPU_FAN header and if they're PWM fans you can control them through your motherboard. The pump can be connected to any other fan header on your motherboard if you want to monitor its speed (not a bad idea). The pump connection to the motherboard serves no other purpose. The pump gets its power from your PSU.


The bad news? Your noise may indeed be the well-documented grinding noise that will require an RMA if it does not subside on its own (it might).

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