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Possible to RMA a modded cooler?


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I cut the original tubing and drained the cooler. Then I replaced the tubing and filled it completely with distilled water. Completely means 100% water, no air at all. Then I replaced the molex power with 3-pin power and added a fan controller to reduce the pump RPM.


It was good for two weeks, and then the pump started grinding again. I noticed the water became muddy and the air appeared in the loop again. And the fins of the coldplate became clogged with some kind of slime. I cleaned it and since then haven't bothered refilling it.


So I wondering whether it would be possible to RMA the cooler based on the fact it was grinding prior to my mod.

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using 100% distilled water is BAD in ANY watercooling system!

an 80/20 mix of antifreeze and distilled water (w80 a/f20) to kill biologicals AND keep the pump lubricated.

it also helps leech the heat off the block.


and no i seriously doubt an RMA will be approved.

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Toasted, the excerpt you quoted states the warranty is void if the damage or problems are caused by modification. My modification did not cause any damage or problems, in fact it was running even better than the cooler in its original state.


Corsair knows and has admitted the widespread grinding issue found in the H80/H100 line of coolers. I suffered from the same issue, but seeing how many users have encountered with the same issue even after several RMAs and exchanges, I decided to take the matter into my own hands.


By the way, I have RMA'd a modified PSU in the past (I had to cut wires) and Corsair has accepted it and replaced with no problems.


The pump itself works fine if it's fully filled with water. The grinding starts when an air pocket gets stuck in the pump causing the impeller to vibrate due to a lack of proper lubrication. Those who are into water cooling know running a pump dry causes premature wear on the bearing.


Now that Corsair has identified the issue and, hopefully has a solution, I was hoping to have it replaced. I just want to RMA it so that I don't have to bother refilling it again myself.


I'd like to hear a word from RAMGUY or other Corsair representative.

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A.M. Of course your mods damaged it, you cut the tubes off! That was never meant to happen in a pre-manufactured closed loop system. If it was, then they would have made the tube connections with quick disconnects and the like. Changing the liquid to something they haven't tested doesn't help either.


Modding a PSU is different depending on what you modded. If you modified modular cables, that's fine. If you OPENED the PSU, that voids the warranty.


Here's the bottom line:

1. 100% sure your warranty is void.

2. You have a SLIM chance that they may override the warranty policy because of the issue, but I highly doubt it.

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Dude, you should do write an article on it. because, there are a lot of people who will have to pay more than it costs for a RMA
People have been modding the H coolers since the beginning. 5 seconds on Google will help you find them.
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