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Running Dominator GT 1866mhz 1.65V @ 1.5V


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Hi iv got a bit of a problem i purchased 2x2gb of corsair dominator gt 1.65v CMT4GX3M2A1866C9 the problem is my processor is the i52500k and the ram voltage should be 1.5v for this cpu.


I lowered the voltage to 1.5v and ran memetest overnight with no errors at 1866mhz.


Do you think it will be fine running this ram at 1.5v at the rated speed 1866mhz ?

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Darn it Wired! Your right. Now i have to go hunt up those specs.:D: I know at first Intel was pretty adamant about using only 1.5v,they revised them and said 1.65v memory was okay to use. The 1.35v white LP are used quite often too with large CPU coolers.*shrugs* But with Alienware it may be different. Without knowing what model Alienware that MB came out of i cant look at compatibility charts either.


I swear it said +/-5% But that can't be right. .


[edit]Heres Intels spec sheet...But not a word about voltage. I'll keep looking!



Then the Sandys launched Intel stated only 1.5v memory but later recanted that statement to allow 1.65v memory.

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