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Force 3 90 GB need help

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Hi there guys, great to be here just wish that it was for a different reason. So today i got myself first ever ssd. I installed windows and set it to master... From begining i have a problem. Every time i start or restart my computer, when it comes to >>Loading operating system<< my computer shuts down, after 2 seconds starts to boot again (automaticaly) and loads windows normaly and that is happening every single time. Please help im allready worried about my new investment :S
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Hi Alizalb


Give system spec will help us help you


Did you cheack if SSD was working before install windows?

Wend you say (I installed windows and set it to master... )

Did you do a clean installation or u just did a clone?

If you did a clone ove windows and if it nead ahci or raid driver, windows won't be able to start. Wend perform clean intall ove windows you nead AHCI or raid driver. so if you just do a clone thos driver ore missing.


As you don't give system spec it is not easy to help you find proper driver


presuming you Have a intel chipset you nead this drive to intall windows



Or if u want to do a clone, install driver befor clone your HDD. Maybe windows will start after a clone if it got proper driver


Did you update SSD firmware?


Did you check for motherboard bios update?

As it improve compatibility and sability ove system.

Did you update to last AHCI raid driver?

Go on Intel web site for thos if you have a Intel chipset, because Asus, Msi and all they other dn't have the latess driver


Hope this help

Sincerly yours

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First of all Turbo thanks for your reply but i fixed my problem. Strange thing seems that one of my ram modules was a bit loose.


Now i have some other problems. Yesterday as i said installed all fresh, since my MBO is Sata II only i pluged my Force 3 in Sata II. Boot time looked good same as shutdown. Checked also WEI (im aware that its a sucky benchamrk) and it gave me 7,6.


Today i went and bought Lycom PCIe to Sata III since i wanted to squeze all from my SSD. Instaled the card, pluged my SSD onto it with 3GB/s - 6GB/s (blue) cable. After few boots i saw that boot time is longer as well as shutting down. Also again checked WEI and now it gave me 7,3 (expected that with Sata III will be better). Why did this happen? What is the problem?


On a side note i updated bios, i updated SSD firmware, i have enabeled ahci and i checked and Trim is also working. Finaly i did CrystaldiskMark and i think that results are terrible. Check the attachment.


Please help and thanks in advance. Alizalb


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Hi Parsec,


Regarding your question my Lycom is PE-115H. I also did ATTO test while my SSD was connected directly to MBO in SATA II as Wired suggested. Results seem better id say good for SATA II. Check the attachment.


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So i formated my SSD and did another fresh install to see if there will be any changes. Was really carefull with drivers i instaled and still my average speed is 130/150 mb/s. So im still having this issue and any help would be apreciated. Thank you
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I think i've found the solution for my problem, but i don't know how to execute it. My Lycom card is Pcie 2.0 and i don't know how to enable Pcie 2.0 on my GA-P55-USB3 motherboard. If i connect Lycom card to Pcie 2.0 than i should reach 5Gbps speed. Please help.


Thank you

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