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H80 fan ports to control other case fans


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My question is whether or not I can split the signal from one of fan ports and run it to this fan controller.




My motherboard doesn't have a 4 pin PWM port and I was wondering if I could use one of the fan ports on the H80 pump to signal the fan controller. The controller doesn't need power from the 4 pin only the PWM signal.

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Hey punished07,


u tried it. Would like to know if its working.


No I have not tried it because I do not yet own the H80. This working is a factor in whether or not I will buy it.


I do think that it may help if I restate my question. What I need to know is how the pump unit controlls the fans. The fans are either controlled by means of undervolting to adjust the voltage going to the fans or by actual PWM. I don't think it is done by undervolting because that would generate heat at the pump ,reducing its efficiency, but I don't know.If its done with PWM my idea should work but if done by adjusting the voltage it won't.

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