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K90 - both shift buttons not working


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Just got the K90 keyboard 2 days ago and have just noticed that the 2 shift keys are not working as intended. meaning i can't do caps if i hold them down and press a letter or get the second symbol.


i know the shift keys do work as when i press them in rapid succession the sticky key message appears.


i've updated the firmware and software to the latest 2.12 beta and previously had trouble installing the software for the keyboard as it was not recognised, even though it was working. i solved this by plugging the keyboard into the usb2 sockets and not the usb3 sockets.


all other drivers are up to date. any suggestions on what to do please [question mark]



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Just to confirm did you update the K90 with the update that just came out, and you are using firmware 1.18 with software


Ah I was running an older software version. Must have mixed up the versions when I downloaded an older one.


Thanks for your quick help. All is working now :)

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