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[HX 750] Shorting out (tripping fuse) sometimes when flipping power button


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I have a Corsair HX 750, with which my system from the start sometimes, though rarely (every few weeks or months), shorts out and a circuit breaker pops.

I have to wiggle the power supply cable, then reengage the PSU switch, and then usually hitting the power button 'works' again.

This didn't bug me too much (well, a little, I didn't expect this from a 100 Euro PSU), and going for an RMA process seemed a bit of a hassle for something that happens so rarely.


Now, however, my video card seems to be failing, and I cannot be a 100% sure it's not the PSU - after all, my HX never worked flawlessly. This does bug me, and I see that the HX 750 comes with a 7 year warranty. I want 'in' on this "legendary" Support. :winking:


I've (finally, yes, I know...) swapped out the PSU cable, and I'll over the next weeks see if the cable was the problem.


My question, then: what are the odds this is a damaged PSU, and what are the odds this is a damaged cable? Is a damaged cable that works 99% of the time even possible?


To reiterate: this system never shorted out while running. It only fails, and rarely, when starting up the system. I always keep the PSU 'fed', keep the rear switch On.






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