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Push Pull H100 Mounting


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I just bought a h100 and have been doing some searching for some helpful info of how to mount push-pull config. As I understand you have to buy some additional screws? That won't be a problem. But whats the best method to hold the top fans in place while you mount it? And do you still have to use the washers on the top of the case when doing push pull? I plan on using four NF-P12 fans will there be any problems with plugging them directly into the ports on the pump?


Thanks for any help you can provide!



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There really isn't a tried and true method. Most fan sit on top of the case and the rad goes in from underneath those fans . So you really wouldn't need to hold the fans at all.


Just leave all the screws loose until you get them all started before you tighten them down.


The noctuas I believe work fine with the h-100.

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