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Force 3 SSD + Dell XPS 17 (L702X)


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Just upgraded my main HD to a Force 3 240 Gig drive

I definitely notice the speed jump on bootup and launching photoshop (my most used app on this laptop)


Speedtests... a bit on the lighter side

not at home right now to post a screenshot of anything, but the Crystalmark tests (1st line) were in the 200-205 range (Read) and 95-100 range (write) and from everything else I've read, I should be seeing bigger/better numbers in both...


Laptop is a Dell XPS17 (L702X) and I've gone through all drivers to make sure all is up to date (as provided by Dell - should I go look to Intel for drivers?).

Windows 7 64bit - all updates done

SSD has latest firmware

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