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Corsair Performance Pro Problems

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I purchased two Performance pro 128 GB for a raid 0 on 1-25-2012. Everything was working fine and after a couple of months the raid 0 would fail. This happened 3 times, so I decided that it was more of a pain in the butt so I pulled one of the drives out and installed windows 7 normally. A few days went by and I noticed that my pc was running really slow. I checked the drive with atto and the read and write speeds were very very low. I did a secure erase with P-Magic and did a clean install of windows. I once again ran atto after installing all the drivers, and the read and write speeds were still low. I changed out the sata cables but that did not help. I pulled the other performance pro that I had put in my Asus G73JH and put it in my desktop and it worked great. So I did another secure erase on the "failing drive" and put it into the laptop. I installed windows 7 (which took forever) and rebooted the laptop. I was greeted with a message telling me that no boot device was found. When I went into the bios the Performance Pro was no where to be found. I even plugged it into a hard drive dock and windows could not see it either. It also does not show up under disk management in the control panel. I think the SSD died on me. Any suggestions? RMA?
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