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H80 Fan not working


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Hi Guys,


I bought and installed a H80 but the fans dont´t work. I'm sure that every cable is connect (3-Pin into the CPU_FAN in the mobo, the Molex in the PSU and the Fan in the cooler). I made a test and connect the Fan direct in the mobo and it worked fine. :[pouts:

I have a I7 3770K, Sabertooth Z77 , 16 GB 1866 Corsair Vengeance, Corsair TX 850 V2 and the H80 cooler.

Thx in advanced for any help.

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The supplied Molex connectors aren't of the best quality.


Sometimes when connected, 1, or both of the male pins can pop out of place or not seat into the female Molex correctly.


Double check that this isn't the case with yours, then go on from there.


Do the "User Profile" lights on the front of the CPU block illuminate? Or, are they too not functioning, (may be another indication that the molex isn't seated properly)?


Otherwise, you may well be looking at a unit that may require exchanging.

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Arctic Wolf,


Thanks for the reply. It seems that the male pins are connect because they don´t come back when i plug the female. The lights are not illuminate, they are not functioning. I've already tried to put a connector between the cooler's molex and the PSU but nothing worked too.


EDIT: I'm using a surge protector.

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i used a volt/ohm meter and verified 12volt on both sides of the Corsair molex connection.

if you have voltage on both side, the investigation is pretty much done. its got power

to luminate the controller speed system and engage the pump. verify in the BIOS on the

CPU _FAN header if you have rpm or N/A. N/A is no pump flow. contact your reseller or

start the RMA process... click "Request an RMA" on the

<--- LEFT



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