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Help with Carbide 500R


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I have just installed M/B etc into new 500R.

The front panel connectors are all working except:-

Both front fans not working;

The switch to on/off the LEDS on the fans not working; and

The switch to vary the fan speed not working.

The only connector I haven't plugged in is a black, male 4 pin header. I didn't know where it went but I have just learned from another post that it is the header for the side fan. So far didn't get as far as buttoning up the case!

I just wondered if anyone else had a similar problem and how they solved it.




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The connector for the side panel fan is only a 3-pin connector. There is a 4-pin molex connector from the front panel fan controller that plugs into your PSU. Did you connect that? If not, there will not be any power to the fans.
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