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idea for new 800d (token from 500r)


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so i saw there was a few things that i think should be added to the 800d aka 900d(update)



1 of them is the side panel from the 500r.

i love the fact that on the right side of the case its bowed out for better wire management. the left is bowed out for that nice fan.


the top of the 500r is nice as well .its much more useful and easier to add fans on the inside and out side of the top of the case . this way if u can have push and pull for your rad.

i like the fact that there is 4 holes for water cooling and 8 real pci slots.

the bottom hard drive bay is easily removable if u dont need it :biggrin:.

the only think i don't like on the 500r is that slot on top of the case to put your things in.(but thats just me )


this next one would be a option 2 top case option with 140 mm fan cut outs to mount 3 fans.

all so holes in the top of the case for tubing just in case u dont want to hide that nice rad and want to put it on top.



1.so take top of 500r add to 800d

2. take side panels.

3 add a real 8th slot .(or just full out 10 i have a few things i can drop in there

4.removable hard drive bay .

more holes for water cooling in back and top of case

5.a optional top with 140mm fans

6. make case taller for the bigger 4 way cross fire sli rigs

7.200mm fan on the side panel

8.tool less pci slots (http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10588/cpa-326/Lian_Li_PCI-01A_Tool-Less_7_x_PCI_Card_Holder_-_Silver.html)

9.now u have a better 900d than i listed before

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The Obsidian Series cases were more aimed at the clean, stylish look. And having a 500R Side panel bulge would make the case look random. ( As for the cable management, It happened to me, i had that side panel bulge, Re-done the cables and no more bulge :).


An 8 slot PCI-E would be good, May come in a future full-tower case. The 800D is probably still popular, So there is still time for Corsair to innovate in their new cases.

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