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800d Hot Swap & SSD Problem | Can a rep respond?


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I recently purchased the 800d. Long story short the Hot Swap panel was very touchy with picking up my drives. I have one regular SATA HDD and 3 SSD's. I originally put all 4 in the hot swap tray, but it would randomly select different SSD's to boot with, and since they are in a RAID0 array, this obviously meant my computer wouldn't boot.


I RMA'd the hot swap board, got a new one and am having the exact same issue. It will in almost all cases recognize my HDD, no matter which port but never my SSD's.


I have since had to move them to the little compartment below the hot swap area, and just run the SATA cables directly to the mobo, no problems what so ever. I've read about others on this and other forums but have yet to see an official statement. It looks like people just give up and/or return the case.


Is there some extra step that I need to take to get this thing to recognize my SSD's properly? I'd like to use the panel and not have my drives stuffed into a tiny compartment.


Edit: I should mention I do have extra HDD's, and I filled the hot-swap bays with HDD's and they were all recognized each boot, so it's specifically related to the SSD's.


Thank you.

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