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Humor - Fake 256 gb Voyager with key chain on the cap


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A good laugh for you ... There is a sucker born every minute


Fake 256 gb Voyagers -Those clever Brazilians have figured out the Corsair Voyager cap solution selling 256 gb fakes on the Brazilian eBay site




in case the ad gets pulled, here is a blogspsot copy of it, with translation into portuglish




The amazing thing is that the guy has been selling stuff on the Brazilian site that eBay owns for many years, and has a positive reputation.

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And the largest Flash Voyager we ever made was 128 Gig so that should be your first clue that is not real. Sorry but there is not much we can do other than sick the FTC on them which we do they just come up using a different name. However, if they are out side the USA we have to rely on the local agencies. which sometimes are not willing to work with us.
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